Daily and Seasonal Cycles

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Daily and Seasonal Cycles
Judy Onody, Robbie Olivero, Saryl Jacobson
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In this topic the students observe their environment. They become aware of changes in their own daily cycles at school and at home. Outdoors, they observe changes in the physical environment involving temperature, weather, loght and dark, and cycles of the sun. Living things are observed and students become aware fo changes in trees, plants and animals during the cycle of the seasons. for these reasons, it is recommended that this topic be revisited at different times of the year.

Students also examine the human aspects fo the seasons. They observe and identify a wide variety of outdoor actgivities and examine ways of participating in these activities indoors during off season months. they examine the many ways in which humans adapt to changes in the seasons by dressing differently and using items such as sunglasses and furnaces to adapt to weather.

Students will design and build a shelter to protect a living thing from the weather elements and seasonal changes in temparature. Students examine homes and the comforts they provide us as well as changes that homes go through during the cycle of seasons. Outdoor activities are built into this topic to allow students to observe and experience the cycles of the sun and changes in weather. Depending on the season in which the unit is taught, different experiences can be planned outdoors.

Assesment suggestions are included in each Investigation and Performance Assesments are included for Investigations 5 and 10 to evaluate student achievement for reporting purpose.

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