Energy in Our Lives

Science & Technology Activities Resource (STAR)
Energy in Our Lives
Judy Onody, Robbie Olivero, Saryl Jacobson
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GTK Press

In this topic the students will be introduced to many forms of energy that touch their daily lives. The sun is introduced as our main source of energy and is responsible for giving life to all living things. The students are also made aware that their own bodies need energy to play, learn and fuction from day to day.

Time is dedicated to the operation of common devices and activities revolve around their function and their energy source. Input and output systems are visited briefly, to give the students a sense that they are the controllers of these devices and, therefore, the controllers of energy.

The unit challenges the students to examine their dependence on electricity and to imagine and devise ways to cope with a power blackout. The unit then ties in the technology of designing and making a device which uses simple energy sources as its method of movement. These inventions are shared in a collective celebration of what they have learned.

Assessments are imbedded into each investigation and Performance Assessments are included for Investigation 5 and 10 to evaluate student achievement for reproting purposes.

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