Living Things

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Living Things
Judy Onody, Robbie Olivero, Saryl Jacobson
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In this topic of the Science and Technology Curriculum for Grade 1, the students will focus on the characteristics of all living things and the basic needs of plants, animals and human beings. Students needs of plants, animals and human beings. Sturents are introduced to the parts of the body and asked to make connections between human body parts and those of animals, both in form and function.

Time is dedicated to the five senses.Once again, our young students need to relate their experiences to that which they know - their experiences to that which they know - their own sense of animals through their senses and to recognize that animals use their own senses.

Students are then introduced to many animals through a trip to the local zoo or a nature walk. Each student will experience caring for and nurturing a living plant as they germinate and grow a bean plant of their own.This activity may span much longer than the recommended time for this unit and teachers may want to set up a "Garden Centre" where the growth of the plants can be observed and enjoyed for several weeks after the unit is completed.

Integration is recommended by adding the students' stories and charts to the display as the plants grow. Suggestions for extension of the investigations are provided and options are presented to assist with assesment of individual investigations. A final performance assesment is included for the culmination of the unit. In it, the understanding of healthy living habits.

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