Materials, Objects, and Structures

Science & Technology Activities Resource (STAR)
Materials, Objects, and Structures
Judy Onody, Robbie Olivero, Saryl Jacobson
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GTK Press

In this topic of the Science and Technology Curriculum for Grade 1, the students will be introduced to many objects, materials, and structures. Through the use of their sense, they will begin sorting and classifying objects and materials using common characterstics. Experiences that take place in the classroom are often recorded on charts for the purpose of vocabulary and skill development.

Students are often encouraged to use their senses to discover the properties of objects and materials and they then begin to manipulate materials to alter their form and structure. This may result in altering sound, shape, texture and or appearance.

The design and build project in this unit involves the planning and making of musical instruments using many collected materials. Once Investigations surrounding sound have been completed, students will be encouraged to discover the origin of objects from their source to their manufactured final product. This Investigation into a variety of materials used in manufacturing leads into the recycling of these objects and materials once they have been used.

Students are encouraged to participate in a class action plan to be more environmentally aware. the coulmination fo the unit centres around reusing recyclable materials in a work of art.

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